Hello NOD….Ray here. Was wondering if you can fire your attorney and get another one. I got a claim granted for 10% which is the highest they can go and these attorneys have appealed it. I don’t know why,. .Am about to send medical records to Dr. Cecil  but have only a liver biopsy 1995 and a report from the gastro that sent me to UW for listing of a transplant. I have no evidence for jet air guns except biopsy. What I can’t figure out is that the VA denies air guns because we didn’t have any record or complaints from Hep-C. The way I figure it how could we complain or get sick when the virus doesn’t get you until your liver is almost gone. To me how could we go to a doctor for this if they didn’t have a test for it until 1992. This is 20 years of having the virus with no effects on you. Hell, I didn’t know I was sick till I was 44 years old. I found out in 1995. They just got the test for hep-c.   RAY


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